• Are you about to start a new business and need assistance in a step-by-step business formation?
  • Do you own a business that struggles to stay alive?
  • Could you use services of a seasoned professional operation manager with over 25 years of managing various national Canadian retailers?
  • Do you need assistance and advice in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Website Development , Internet Marketing, Financial Investment, ...?

To operate a successful business you must work hard but most importantly you must have access to the business tools and knowledge that will set you apart from your competition.

The big corporate companies have the resources and the support of large network of skilled and professionals to assist them daily. Let us be your support team and provide you with the knowledge and experience you need.

Hooshi & Associates also provides assistance to individuals with their professional progress. From preparation to an important job interview to re-examining your professional career progression, we are ready to assist.

  • Profitability
  • Efficiency, 
  • Ability to compete in an ever changing market place is what we offer.                          

Let us analyze your business and provide a solid and realistic solutions to improving your productivity and profitability . 

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The Increasing complexity and sophistication of business call for the expertise and special skills that a consultant can deliver. Increased competition means that an organization needs employees with more skills and knowledge than it can either find or afford to hire full time. Most companies rely on consultants and other "service providers" to impart the necessary skills and knowledge at critical times.

​​​Retail Management Consulting